Aspire to excel in research towards conserving, managing and sustainable development of Papua New Guinea’s bio-diversity.


To advance the knowledge and understanding of the science of resource management, enable sustainable production and advocate on the conservation of natural resources for the wellbeing of society.

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    The Centre for Natural Resources Research and Development (CNRRD) was established in 2003 through a partnership arrangement between The University of Goroka and The National Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL). The intention of this partnership was to draw on the expertise of the academic staff of the School of Science and Technology at the University of Goroka in the traditional disciplines of Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Applied Sciences to address specific research and development issues. It has since been a partner to DAL and it’s research entity, The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) in a number of joint research and development projects and continues to provide technical support towards addressing the developmental needs in the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea.

    Furthermore, staffs are also encouraged to engage in pure and applied research and development activities within their areas of expertise. Such freedom and flexibility in academia towards intellectual discourse has seen an increase and diversification of research activities as can be seen by browsing through this website. This is further reflected in the number of research projects and publications that have been produced thus far. Staffs have also been engaged with external collaborators and partners and this has contributed to boosting research and productivity at the Centre and also within the School of Science and Technology.

    As the name suggests, another of the core research and development mandate has been to develop the readily available bio-resources within the biological diversity of PNG. To this end, research and development of indigenous edible and medicinal mushrooms has been one of the iconic projects at the Centre. Another area of work under this mandate has been the research and development of traditional edible food, vegetable, fruits and nuts as well as essential oils from the biological diversity of PNG. Such basic and applied research will contribute to the general concept of ecosystem services as a strategy for rural empowerment, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of PNG’s natural resources for the common good of the societies or communities that depend on them.

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